It has been a while since I wrote down something with meaning. I mean I can’t be inspiring all the time. Right? I can’t be witty all the time…I can’t be all the time…but what I can be is perfect. Let me explain…

A few days ago, I had a late night conversation with someone and the topic of perfection came into play. Now for those of you who know me well you will hear me say, “I am not perfect but I am as close to perfect as perfect can get.” I believe this, but let me explain farther as I articulated to my friend.

We are ALL perfect. We are the absolute unique perfection that G-d has created us to be (or whatever creator you align your faith with). Society gives us a reference that we are supposed to mold ourselves into in order to be deemed perfect by others. However, each of us is in our imperfections; perfect. We are all the image of exactly who we are meant to be. Whether that creation is an outer replica of a statue, or a performer, or an athlete, or a sales clerk at the local head-shop (you knew a joke was coming), that person is perfect. At the moment when you accept your perceived imperfections you become absolutely, unequivocally perfect; not just to yourself or your creator but to society.

Letting society dictate to you the standard of perfection by photo-shopping advertisements and bombarding you with imaginary and sounds of the “ideal”, by telling you that you have to have the newest car (I will have a Camero) or the Sports Illustrated girlfriend or the husband/partner with the fattest…paycheck. That is not perfection!

Perfection is being at peace with who you are as a person. Who the heart and the soul behind the exterior package is. Perfection is ambition. Perfection is compassion. Perfection is humor, bravery, sadness, understanding, joy, contempt, anger, rage, sympathy, empathy and all the grammatical constructions that could be used to describe an emotion. It is the ability to free think and formulate and hypothesize the birth of new ideas! It is the acceptance of you as a creation of a higher power and in that creation…perfection.

I was told once “G-d don’t make mistakes.” I believe this. I know this in my heart of hearts. And that same man followed it with, “but sometimes he needs a little help.” So help Him. Help Him by helping yourself. Believe in you and you will have the power to accomplish anything. The world around us is just fluff. It is what we do with it that makes it better. Know that your smile at a stranger could change their day. That a thank you to someone you do not know could inspire them to be kind to another. That a compliment to coworker or a hug to a friend when they are unexpected, un-asked for but so much needed affects everyone that you and then they come in contact with (the Butterfly Effect, you knew I would get it in there somewhere). And, with that compliment, that “hello”, that “Thank you” you are teaching someone else to be the perfection that they are born to be.

So, next time you are in the mirror and picking out your flaws, remind yourself, those are not flaws, those are exterior manifestations of my interior perfection. They are my smile, my joy, my moment of chocolate indulgence, my sadness, my sense of loneliness, my compassion for fellow man, my tears for those who cannot see the beauty all around them and inside one another. My wrinkles are a badge of honor. My cellulite a road map of memory (times of laughter and joy). My tattoos are an emotional self portrayal. My belly a testament to difficult times (I eat when unhappy) that I have overcome. I AM PERFECT! I AM AWESOME! I AM FABULOUS! I AM THE TOTAL PACKAGE! Stand up and roar your perfection. Then sit down and explain perfection to someone else…


Original posting April, 2014

Pastor Jennifer “Jenna” Davis, MSCP, ABA, Sex Therapist

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