About J

Let me tell you a bit about me; why I started this website, blog and small (tiny) business. So… Sit back, relax, enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, or a glass of wine.

I have survived a few “train wrecks” in life, so-to-speak. What I learned through these catastrophes is what I bring to you. I do this from a hand’s on, experienced based, clinically trained perspective. I have a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Sex Therapy, supported by an undergraduate in Behavioral Psychology. But, before any of that I was a performer, philosopher, bartender, and cosmetologist. I started my adulthood as a bartender, while in college for Vocal Music and Theatre. I just happened to be photogenic, picked up some modeling (nothing big). While at the university, I studied some philosophy/theology; becoming quite the novice. It eventually led me to becoming an ordained minister and self-styled philosopher (where no subject is off the topic table). There was not a lot of opportunity to make a living in these genres in the middle of the Midwest farming community. Finding a way to financially support myself was not too hard. I just went to trade school for a brief spell and fell into doing hair… It supported me for 20 years, but I grew up, I wanted a “real job” with a desk, retirement, and benefits. I decided that if I was going to listen to people and their problems then I needed to get paid for it. Hence, the psychology education…and now here I am, with a few bumps, bruises, and scars.

That, my dear ones, is me in a nut shell. Along my journey I have been touched by great moments, and traumatic moments. I hold no regrets. I do feel remorse and guilt for some of my past. I cannot change those events, I can only accept, learn, and move forward. Maybe give someone, here and there, a nugget of knowledge from experience. I have touched lives in positive and negative ways. In return, I have been touched by those individuals too. What this journey has taught me is what I will share with you, if you allow me, through Life Coaching, Guidance and a bit of Philosophy about life thrown in….