I am afraid…

Fear is something that all people experience.  It is an emotion that has little understanding by the average individual and minimal acceptance, even by those in the mental health professional arena.  Boys in many cultures are taught not to show fear.  That it is unseemly to show a weakness such as fear.  That it is an emotion that is to be met with over the top in male stereotyped behavior[i].  Girls are taught to not show fear in public, but to let the men handle the “scary things”.   Women are to be brave for the sake of the household but no other time.   Fear is naturally occurring, it is authentic, it is genuine   So why all the shame with Fear?

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Some have called me crazy, some have called me smart. Some have just called me stupid. All of this exciting acclaim because in early 2018, I walked away from an opportunity many would call a dream- life as a corporate executive making a generous six figure salary annually. A position in which I was surrounded by highly intelligent leaders, the Read More »

The First Step is Always the Hardest…

Hello and Thanks for joining me.   On this page you will see the “bit pf philosophy”.  You will see topics or thoughts that have taken me for a serious loop of ups-and-downs.  You will see writing by others that want to share a journey of their own or a tale or two.

If you have something that you would like to consider for publishing on my little philosophical, educational, cathartic page, please send me a copy (edited) and I will review it personally.  If it is chosen to publish, then I will notify you through email.  

When posting a comment or submitting a blog, please be respectful.  I know personally that I may start writing and after a duration of time goes by I revise what I have already written to a better perspective of the topic or even just better phrasing.  Debates are welcome.  I like a good devil’s advocate.  Challenging a concept or perspective of a post is always a great source of information.  There may be insight to a view that has not been shared/seen before.  Be open minded.  

No topic is off the table.  If you have a topic you would like to share that is a bit controversial then please bring it up.  If you would like me to write about the topic then just let me know.  I enjoy taking on the hard to talk about, embarrassing, taboo, ethically, morally, politically challenging topics. What can I say?  I never have been one to just follow the rules without asking . 

I look forward to what you have to say!

“We are not strong because we choose to be; we are strong because we have to be.”–J.Davis 2017