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I apologize for no new blondes or postings being created at Sea. I have been contracted to ghostwrite a couple of Publications. And I have decided to work on a memoir of my own. My writing time has been taken over, but please feel free to submit a Blog to me and if approved I will post and credits you for the writer. You can email me your submission at any time.


It has been a while since I wrote down something with meaning. I mean I can’t be inspiring all the time. Right? I can’t be witty all the time…I can’t be all the time…but what I can be is perfect. Let me explain…

A few days ago, I had a late night conversation with someone and the topic of perfection came into play. Now for those of you who know me well you will hear me say, “I am not perfect but I am as close to perfect as perfect can get.” I believe this, but let me explain farther as I articulated to my friend.

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I am afraid…

Fear is something that all people experience.  It is an emotion that has little understanding by the average individual and minimal acceptance, even by those in the mental health professional arena.  Boys in many cultures are taught not to show fear.  That it is unseemly to show a weakness such as fear.  That it is an emotion that is to be met with over the top in male stereotyped behavior[i].  Girls are taught to not show fear in public, but to let the men handle the “scary things”.   Women are to be brave for the sake of the household but no other time.   Fear is naturally occurring, it is authentic, it is genuine   So why all the shame with Fear?

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