Coaching is about helping you to feel more confident.  Improving your communication and social skills, and building areas that you want to improve.

Quick List:

  • Dating & Relationship Coaching
  • Sex Talk
  • Radio Talk-Show Hosting/Personality
  • Individual Life Coaching
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Freelance Writing
  • Professional Consulting

Relationship Coaching is a session designed for you and your partner to help in aspects of your relationship to foster healthier communication skills, resolve issues, or be a third unbiased party to something you are both concerned about. Like individual Life Coaching, these are 45-60 minute sessions, conducted via phone, in person or video. As a unbiased sounding board between you and your partner, we will work on communication, balance, and compromise within comfortable boundaries of the relationship and individuals. *Ask J will not make statements about continuation or termination of any relationship, except in situations of domestic violence.

Dating Coaching Addresses questions about your dating dilemmas.  It is a free discussion about the stages of dating and where your issues appear.

Sex Talk is… unique. Let me explain a bit. As a sex therapist, I have specialized training that allows me to tailor therapy sessions for the individual’s particular presenting issue. I have a greater awareness of sexuality that goes beyond social convention or personal opinion and experiences. Except in cases of sex coaching or sex surrogates; sex therapy is talk therapy. I have an above average knowledge of psychological and psychological human sexuality. I am not naive about the negative and positives of sexuality, nor do I attempt to address issues from an ideological view. Rather, I hold a positive outlook on the beneficial influences of sexuality and the effects it can have in people’s lives and the world in general. That being said, Sex Talk is sex therapy done in a life coaching, conversation with a friend format. It’s the ability to talk to a “friend” privately and confidentially on an honest level without judgement or concern that those secrets will be used against you at a later time. Isn’t that what we fear? That our “dirty little secret” will be broadcasted socially… Here you have complete confidentiality.

Life Coaching is a individual session over the phone, in person, via video call or email correspondence that discusses your life challenges in a real world aspect that is used to allow you the ability to have a professional “sounding board”.

Sessions are 45-60 minutes on average but can last longer (with additional charge). They are booked on an as needed schedule and are specifically targeted and designed to help you through guidance to formulate your own conclusions and solve your own dilemmas.  In  the end of our time, you will feel more confident, have more motivation, and have targeted goals to drive focus.

Guest presentation is done in person. Requester pays all traveling expenses, plus cost of presentation. I will come personally to your group, class, or seminar to present, educate, and interact with the group on topics of your choice. I have presented for groups as small as 15 people to as large as 450. Topics include: Sexuality, Domestic Violence, Childhood Trauma, Secondary PTSD, Couples Communication, Life Balancing, etc.